About the Blogger

A diversion from a busy student life and a stressful working environment in the city that turned to be a PASSION. Passion that led to living an ideal life, passion that fulfills lust in travel and photography.  Hiking has been a part of TravelPrince life since he was still in college. He just started loving photography when he came across number of stunning photos in Instagram and got the chance to meet some great people behind gramming. A good combination, isn’t? Travelling while taking photos are just perfect passion for everyone specially if you are looking for an outlet from stressful city life.

…And that’s the start of TravelPrince story…Start of being an Accountant during clock in and a travel warrior at clock out. He is working in a BPO handling Finance & Accounting operations as Strategic Business Unit Manager . Aside from inspiring people in BPO world, he also make sure that he contributes to a booming BPO industry even in small ways. TravelPrince as a Finance Professional is committed and dedicated to his role, he believes that PH still has a huge potential to grow business in our different delivery centers. He has been in the business for 9 years and enjoying the life he has in BPO world. What makes him stay long is his passion in working with people, passion to lead projects and involvement in a global arena of business world. He is eager to learn new things as part of his goal in delivering excellence and world class services to BPO clients.

To travel is to live a Life. To travel is a way of living a meaningful life. Traveling is a way to have a glimpse of people’s lives. A way to understand and experience the culture, a way to take bite of their sustenance, it’s a best way to discover and explore the world and of course it is a way to know and get a better understanding of your life, a way to discover who you are.  You are created to live a life, you are working not just to pay bills – but you work to earn for a living and have the means to travel. Remember that life is short and you must travel while you are young. Don’t wait for a day that you can no longer move and travel. The right time is now – the best time is today.

TravelPrince is more on outdoor travel. He prefers hiking, swimming and just spend the night in wilderness and shore. He dreamt of completing the top ten highest mountains in PH before exploring foreign summits. If he will be asked what a dream vacation would it be – it would be spending a  year to explore Europe, North America, Asia and Africa in the wilderness locations bringing only a camera, laptop and phone.  For now as newbie in the world of blogging and photography he considers that every day is an opportunity to learn, learn to make life close to perfection, learn to value time, learn to see the other perspective of life and learn to be an inspiration to others.

His blogs are just for informative purposes and guides to those who are interested to travel and live a life. Travel now while young, travel now while you can, travel now and start living a LIFE.


MyTravelLog by: TravelPrince

IG: Travelprince.Co

facebook: Jayrom Jaramilla






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