10 Life Lessons | I learned from Traveling


As they always say “experience is the best teacher, I agree! But then learning comes from different forms and ways, we have all our different learning style. According to Justin Ferriman author of the “7 Major Learning Style” Learning is complicated concept and everyone has different ways on how to effectively learn. To enumerate those; Visual, Physical, Aural, Verbal, Logical, Social, and Solitary. I always learn by doing it so I think I’m physical learner – if I have new equipment or gadget I won’t read manuals instead I go over it and discover by myself.

So, experience creates big part of our lives not just on our career but also on how we see life at different perspective – experience that maybe bad or good has always the reason why it happened and thus always brings a learning for us. Failure is part of life and through that we learn how to become more patient and aware of the right timing destined for us.

Through my 10 years of time in travelling mostly in hiking – I have already kept meaningful experience through my journey that taught me about life lessons – about survival in wilderness, about handling a team of people, about managing time and most importantly how to live a life with a purpose.


  1. I learn how to make an Organized Event from planning, to logistics and execution and post reporting. (Organizational Skills)

I always have the calling to be the team organizer – I want my rules to follow, I want everything to be in place. I have learned how to effectively manage the event – and that should start from a very well planned event – thus my organization skill was even honed. I make sure that I have it all documented with the schedule of items needed with time, with person in charge and all.


  1. I learn how to communicate with people from different lifestyle, different profession and personality. (Communication Skills)

That is the key to have a successful event – make sure that all parties have the correct information and that be communicated at the right time at the right tool. Not everyone today has the ability to stay connected 24 hours – so I do make sure I use the right channel of communication to my audience. Those can be FB Messenger, Viber, SM, Call or Email. I was able to get the chance to talk to organizers, guides and tourism officers and Brgy Officials.


  1. I became more appreciative of life and thankful. Last year’s year end climb in Kibungan Cross Country – my eyes opened how I must be thankful of life I have. There was a realization that I have a good life, I mean I have the opportunity to see the world, to but the things I want, to eat and feed my cravings. I’m thankful for all of those after seeing some people along my journey not even have the complete meals a day. People who are happy how what a simple life they have now, kids that will give back a very lovely smile after getting candies from you, kiddos singing xmas songs out loud for you – ohh I must be very lucky and blessed – so Thank you from up above for a life. I became more aware of the wastage from left over I usually does in the city – I remember was walking for 12 hours and I have no goods left but just a liter of my trail water.4
  2. I fell in love even deeper with my country.

With the 7,107 islands of my country – no reason for me to leave and abandon its waters, peaks beyond peaks, sea of clouds, islands and islets, colorful festivals, waterfalls, hidden paradise and caves. I learn how to stand and be good example to people travelling in the PH on how to protect and preserve the natures of my country. As an organizer it is a must that you need to communicate and share the outdoor principles like LNT, BMC and others.DSC_7446_edited

  1. Respect

I learn how to respect not just for people but for the culture of locals, respect the views and opinion of people. I learn how to have open mind and learn things also from other, I had an open mind. I learned how to respect the individual differences of people joining my climb – thus giving me an idea on how to treat everyone. People have different personalities and through respect our wheels will go further moving as one. And also respect time and my co-participants, I was able to learn how to value time and time of others so I do make sure that I arrived at the designated area before the call time. IMG_9991

  1. I learn Budgeting and proper spending.

I learn how to budget my means, I learned how to shop and avoid from being impulsive buyer. I was able to practice the difference between a shopping day and buying day. I was able to learn to optimize cost for the group making sure that everyone is able to pay required fees – making sure that travel is not just for rich kids.cropped-img_2087.jpg

  1. I became even closer to HIM. I got the chance to be just on my own in the wilderness and whispering my personal note to Him. That I’m thankful for everything, for the awesome creation he did for us. Thanking him for this playground, for keeping me safe as I travel life and thanking for keeping my family safe when I’m away. I feel like I’m closer to him when I’m on the mountains.img_3303
  2.  I had a better perspective of life. I had the realization that life must be live, life is temporary and we should be taking advantage to enjoy and that is by doing what makes me happy. I was able to see life as a valuable thing that should be cared loved and traveled. Do not worry for all things in the world – stay away from people that makes your life complicated and miserable. Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
  3. I became even closer to my family – whenever I travel solo  and away from them it feels like I’m incomplete and that makes me more loving to my loved ones. There is feeling of emptiness and we became even closer since we now travel together. FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender
  4. Finally, I learn how to capture good memories through my lens. And of course I learn how to write and share my outdoor diaries.IMG_6486

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