Pantingan – Tarak Traverse | A 20 hour night/day hike.

Based on my research Pantingan trails have vast presence of leech (limatik) making it out of my interest. I have climbed Tarak ridge 10 years ago and have no plans of getting back on its trails until a crazy idea came to play, how about “ PanTarak day hike? Seems a legit experience, why not?


Passionate Folks
Out of inquisitiveness I posted a shout on my Facebook account if “Is it possible to day hike Pantigan Tarak Traverse? And a friend of mine tagged a person who really had this plan that weekend I’m looking at…and then coordination and talks were done with the organizers.




I must admit I prepared mostly on how to avoid or remove leeches when they attack me. I read some blogs and started preparing my gears. I brought with me a bottle of alcohol, salt and fully geared with high socks, leggings, rash guard and eye glasses for eye protection. I really have fear of worms and that was my worry before the climb – the gross worms not about the long trek – the pain and tiring trek but more on the leech. Good thing –  No single limatik seen during our trek! Lucky you Jayrom!

On the other note physically – I have regular weekly climb so I think I need not to go to gym and have my work out. I made sure that I only have needful in my back pack and not bringing my DSLR since that might just an extra weight on my pack.

Reading blogs, I found out that none made this day hike yet.  I ‘ve seen some who took it for two days and some with summary of trekking hours for 24 hours and more. So that add to my apprehensions – do we really need to do this? What for? It would be a training for you for G2 – a new experience – a new height and because you are passionate about hiking – you need to raise the bar! Okay – go ahead and plan for it. Since Emil & Rael have planned on the logistics already, we just need to meet them.

View along the trail descending from Pantingan Peak
View from Pantingan Peak

My Group

I have been in close contact with them with all the needful for this climb – but since I’ve known them for quit sometime and they have regular climbs I didn’t worry about physical preparations. It was Philip, Michelle and Chris who joined me on this journey – friends from Kibungan Cross Country.

I’ve known Emil from Trail Ad during my Bakun trilogy as guide on that event. I also met Rael and Lilay during my Kibungan Cross Country hike so I was comfortable joining a hardcore climb with them since I’m confident that it is feasible and I have with good guys.


The Trek to 23 km trail….

It was already 11:00PM when we arrived at the remote place of Sitio Gabon, Brgy Saysain in Bagac, Bataan through our chartered van.  Kuya Rey’s residence serves as jump off and he is the guide for the event.  We started with a short prayer and start the trek at 11:30PM.

The first 30 meters is dusty rough road leading to a mountain trail and river crossings. You can hear water flows and splash – that was the only sounds we heard during the nigh trek. We were at the back and I was the sweeper. I think I cannot make it to 20 hours since I’m not into that role and can’t wait for people or feeling tired every time I’m the tail.  During the first 30 minutes of trek we got lost on the gradual ascend, the trail has twigs and trunks from a logs or fell was just like a newly created trail. I was not able to identify if it was a trail sign or just fell branches.. I started to concern about the pace– having a gap of about 15 meters is a very bad – you’ll get lost. 




Here is our actual Itinerary:

Day 1: Sat

07:00PM – Call Time El Pueblo – Ortigas

08:00PM – Depart Ortigas

11:00PM – Arrival Mang Rey’s House ( Brgy Saysain, Bagac, Bataan)

11:30 Start Trek


Day 2: Sunday
05:30AM Pantingan Peak ( Rest/ Breakfast

03:00PM Tarak Peak

04:30PM Tarak Ridge – Coffee /Rest

05:20PM Papaya River

07:45PM End of Trek – Tarak Jump Off

09:00PM – Depart Mariveles, Bataan

12:00Mid – Arrival MNL


Total Budget per pax for group of 10 P1,000.00 inclusive of fees and van.

Kuya Rey: 09282609645 – Guide.

The trails are sometimes very confusing especially in Pantingan part so make sure you are with the group pace. There are water source along the way but make sure you know the distance and time to reach them. Wear leggings and long sleeves since trails are mostly covered with tall grasses and wear gloves since this requires scrambling through rocks and roots and branches of trees, there are steep descend and ascend leading to ridges, there are about 70-80 degrees elevation. Just pack light. Climb High and enjoy!


Tarak Ridge


– van rental = Php 6,000.00
– gas = Php 1,500.00
– toll = Php 500.00
– guide fee = Php 2,500.00 (max of 10 pax);
– registration fee = Php 40.00

*That’s Php 10,500 in total plus Php 40.00 for the registration fee. 
*Please prepare well for the very long and difficult hike (18-22 hours)

Thank you Emil and Rael and to the rest of Trail Ad and group.

Here is the total work out as monitored by one of our members. ( Phil)










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