Pumapag-Ibig sa Mt. Tibig | A story of Love and Inspiration

If a person is inspired he always does great in his craft, he always go for gold and spontaneous in what he loves to do, his passion. It can be a work related or career – you always want to be the star, you always aim to be the best because you are inspired – it can be a person you love or crush, or a co-worker or a peers. Inspired people always tends to be at their best – they have the positive vibes all day, they are excited every day and a very positive outlook in life.
This story goes to a person who was inspired by his someone, someone who he met along with his travels last quarter of 2015. He has been into hiking for long and loved photography last year. He hikes to take photos and living a meaningful and exciting life. He was inspired by photos all around social media taken outdoors. He admired those working folks who always have the time to spend weekend outdoor. He admires those photography enthusiasts who have the great eye taking simple places to a stunning pictures and photographs. People who make time to share stories through blogging and meetings.IMG_2575

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Backdrop is Mt. Banoi
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Famous Rock in Mt. Tibig
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I, being a working dude during weekdays and outdoor enthusiast during weekend have lot of things I want to achieve in life. I want to learn new things every day – I want to learn more about blogging and photography. I want to share the beauty of the Philippines and my stories to the world. And with that I always make sure that I have the time to explore the Philippines during weekend. That I planned well my time, so I can reach the farthest corners of the Philippines, dive to its deepest seas, climb its highest peak, and swim to crystal clear waters of the Philippines and jump to highest waterfalls in the country. I am passionate in everything I do – work related, personal life I make sure that I love what I am doing , I do make sure that I pour everything just to get the best result I want. And that comes naturally if you are inspired, if you have inspiration in life, in things that you do, your creativity, dedication and commitment will just come out naturally – you don’t need to push yourself to go beyond because inspiration plays a big role on how to be best in our craft.

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Lobo Beach taken by Gopro Hero 4 by Rob.
Pebble Beach of Batangas
Being inspired and passionate about photography and blogging I have to hike again another to requested peak in Batangas. I did organize the event since this is birthday climb for a good friend Laylo I have no choice to make it happen whatever odds comes away. Yeah – I was awake all day up to 4:00AM which is our call time, due to some family matters but since I have commitments I need to see them and push through with this event. And then it went well……

Laylo : our Birthday Boy

From. Pinoy Mountaineer.
Jump-off point: Hulong Banalo, Lobo
LLA: 13°40′30.9′′N 121°9′37.2′′ E, 563 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 1.5-2.5 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 2/9, Trail class 1-3
Features: Scenic views of Verde Island Passage and Southern Batangas

The travel is just so long and requires 4 transfer from bus to trike, to jeep and another trike to a jump off from Manila. The trail starts from a dry river for 3 minutes’ walk, an ascend will welcome you covered with trees, but the ascend is quite challenging because the trail is dry that creates small rocks pieces that makes it very difficult to descend. An hour from jump off to Bahay Kubo – you may take a rest here and photo ops before heading to grassland which is exposed to sun, the good thing during our hike the winds blows so cold which good timing during our noon trekking. From bahay kubo is again another hour trek to reach the summit, from summit you can take good photos, view Lobo Beach, Verde Island, and peak of Banoi. There is also a famous rock spot for photo just right below the summit.
We did dayhike last Sunday and had to rush everything even our side trip due to limited jeepney heading to Batangas City. The last jeep from Lobo to Batangas City is 5:00PM. I would recommend if you want to enjoy the pebble beach of Lobo – spend overnight at the summit and witness the sunset and have a long hour exploring lobo beach and Malabrigo Watch Tower.

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Actual Itinerary:
03:00AM Call time Mcdo Buendia LRT Taft
05:00AM Depart Pasay – take Jac Liner or DLTB bound to Batangas City/ Batangas Grand Terminal.
07:00AM Arrived Batangas Grand Terminal. Tke Jeep going to SM. Terminal of Jeep going to Lobo in front of Mercury Drug
07:20AM Arrived Jeepney Terminal to Lobo.
07:30AM Depart Batangas City
08:45AM Arrived Lobo. Take Trike to Brgy. Hulong Banalo.
09:10AM Arrival Brgy Hulong Banalo. Register/ Secure Guide.
09:45AM Start Trek
10:45AM Arrived Bahay Bubo.
11:00AM Resume Trek
12:00NN Arrived Summit
12:30PM Start Descend
01:30PM Arrival Brgy. Jump Off – Lunch
02:00PM Depart Brgy to Malabrigo. Take Trike to Tower and Beach
03:00PM Arrived Malabrigo | Swim
04:00PM Wash Up
04:10PM Depart Malabrigo
04:45PM Arrived Lobo Jeep terminal
05:00PM Depart Lobo
06:00PM Arrived Batangas Terminal
06:10PM Depart Grand Terminal
08:00PM Arrived Manila.

Bus two way (155*2) P310.00
Jeep and Jeep to SM 30.00
Jeep to Lobo (55*2) 110.00
Trike to JO (50*2) 100.00
Trike to Malabrigo and Lobo 100.00
Guide Share 80.00
Lunch with coke 120.00 (you may ask Bonjin to cook for you)

Wash up   50.00


Budget for gorup of 6-10 Php 1000 – 1200.00


Guide Fee P500/per group Dayhike.
Contact Person: Kuya Gabino: 0926 491 6824 | 0919 440 3941

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Bahay Kubo – resting station.

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