My top 3 favorite place to stay in La Union

My 3 favorite places to stay in Elyu.I’ve been addicted to surfing though I’m afraid of waters since I’m not a good swimmer but then I have my board that would somehow save my life. Well, I’m only surfing to sites which have even elevation for surfing like San Juan and Baler – place for all levels.

Of all I’ve been my favorite surfing spot is of course near my hometown which is Elyu ( San Juan La Union). I love San Juan because it is home, it was the first time I learnt how to ride the waves and it is also a good spot since I can go home to spend the night in Ilocos or I can spend overnight to 3 places I love every time I’m in La Union.


I’m not fan of luxury hotel during my travel – the cheaper the better for me as long as safe. Staying in a hotel and just being with the four corners is boring. I would rather set up a camp outside and meet new friends. I would choose to bring my tent or stay in dormitories or hostel which brings opportunity to talk, listen and share stories with people with same passion with you. And those are the factors I love staying in hostel or dormitories and just camping – I got the chance to make friends and also the reason why most of the time I’d love to travel solo.

In San Juan I’d love to stay on these three places..


Flotsam & Jetsam

I just like the vibe of this place. It’s just plain, they have a small structure with rooms and mostly it looks modern bahay kubo. The room I stayed has 4 double decks that are 8 beds per room which is good enough. You have your locker for your valuables and inside the locker you have your socket for charging. They have clean beddings and comfy beds. The beds have curtains so you will be covered if you take your rest and sleep. They also have room for group or family. They are undergoing construction but operations are in normal status – they are expanding.

What I love about the place is that they have a very nice common area where you can sit and relax and just wait for the sunset. It has big floor pillows and tables. The garden or should I say looks like backyard have set up during noon, they have “ banig” on the floor and pillows good place to hang out and just drink and relax. This is in front of beach but it is 200 meters away from surfing central. They have a very clean and nice wash room. What people love here is the night chill out, guest from other hotel walks in just to feel and experience the vibe. They have projector at night for music videos and some travel documentaries being played.

The rate is P800+ with breakfast. You may reach them here:



The Circle

A favorite place for foreigners – I said that because they have lot of foreign guest from all over the globe. I think this has been in existing for long due to its old structure. What I love about this place is the common area – it is in 2nd floor with trees and a mountain feel. This is not beach front – it is located at the hill side about 40 meters away from beach front. What I love is the hillside with Kubo and away from crowds of the beach. They have some board games and books in the common area. The place has two levels of a modern type bahay kubo, the first level is all hammocks and the second level has bunk beds. The place is just in the central surfing site – near SurfShack and other food establishment like Tagpuan & Figaro. They have parking slot for 4 cars.

The damage for a night for bunk beds is P500 and P450 for hammock.

Check them out here.



Urbiz Garden – is just beside the Flotsam & Jetsam – I checked in here bec the F&J were fully booked that time and since they have a huge garden and bahay kubo we opt to stay here. The bahay kubo good for a group of 4 -5 cost us P2,500 with breakfast. It has its own washroom, cooking area and a dining area. What good about this place is they have rooms for friends and families and a huge garden where you can set up camp and wait for the sun set. If happens that you have no reservation you try it here. If you are comfortable for a camping set up – go for it. Check them out here.

Have a good stay in San Juan, La Union. Ride all the way!




PS: Photos were copied from their websites.  







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