3 Lessons: I’ve learned on Kibungan Cross Country

Sometimes in our lives we missed to see little things because we are focused on things we really wanted and busy chasing things that are not yet meant for us.. . Things that we are dreaming of, things we always prayed for. That sometimes or I should say almost of the time we even missed to say thank you for small things that we ignore and even not realize its importance. I usually say thank you and whisper a prayer if I have achieved what I am praying for..of what I have dreaming on…but do you know that small things are important factors for us to have those big things we are looking forward?
1. Be Thankful. Learn to appreciate things, learn to be thankful for every little thing you have in life. Say a prayer to thanks! We are lucky enough because we live in comfortable corners of building. We have table and chairs to enjoy our meals; we have our power supply that makes our living convenient. I have enough and I must be thankful. Life on the mountainside is not easy; they need to walk kilometers to have supplies for living. They need to work hard in farms for produce in exchange of basic needs from lowlands. They walk kilometers just to have formal education. You must learn to appreciate things whether small or big and always be thankful.


2. Mind to Share. We travel to see places. We travel to capture memories. But isn’t even better if we travel to share what we have. Share our blessings to others, give back to community. Even if that is small or big as long as you help that can go far. We pay for our guides and porter – this can be a way to help them for living. Another form is by buying some of their produce but makes sure not to negotiate for a discount – prices are already fair so be good enough to spare your blessings. I make sure that I have small bills, candies for children. I had a conversation with Nanay of Litalit Village; she is 65 year old and still manages to carry about 15 kilos of Sayote for her pigs. That was heavy for her trekking the ridge and steep cliffs of litalit ridge about 100 masl. Instead of saving those bananas for her – she pared us 4 pieces and one will be for her. I was touched… they live so simple yet they seem so happy. It was a meaningful hike because of this short conversation with Nanay. We offered some of our trail food, some gave cash and I gave my “ sarong” as a sign of my gratitude, for herself being strong and being good to people. We have enough so let us share if we happened to pass villages in our travel.

Lola’s bunch of Sayote – was heavy than my bag

She is the Lola we met at the flat surface after the Litalit Ridge. a 65 year old.

Saying good bye

Kids of Palpalayen, Santol LU
3. When hiking be self-contained. In hikes like this, make sure that you’re prepared for it. You attend pre-climb meetings and have a checklist. Make sure that you have enough supplies and equipment in case you get lost or something happened along the trail. Since this is long hike physical preparation is needful. I learned that I should not assume that in presence of communities there are food supplies, I took for granted and did not carry my meals. It is always good to be self-sustained so you can survive even if you are alone on trails. Thank you to guys who care about TravelPrince. Always prepare ahead of time, create a checklist, read blogs.

Michele was the lead of the group – she well planned this travel. She have everything on her bag. from Stove to food supplies and tent. They even labeled their food package on daily meal basis. Good Job, Mitch!

Meet Michele –  a cool lady hiker



Always be thankful, small or big – say a little prayer and say thank you. Appreciate those people who have been instrumental to who you are now, you might not noticed there contribution say thank you. You have 24 hours a day, 1,440 minutes, have you even say thank you to anyone who helped you along the way? Have you whispered a prayer? Now, get your phone and send a message to someone who helped you in anyway.
Travel to capture moments, travel to create stories, travel to give back and travel to live a life. Create a meaningful travel journal.


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