10:30AM | Majayjay, G?


12:00NN JAC Liner Buendia – here comes JP – a young lively and active outdoor enthusiast. A yuppie from BGC, a person who sometimes is wild taking stolen shots, folk who always wear a big smile and will make your day. A person who I considered as brother the fact that he is Ilocano and active outdoor person. He is Crazy! He has the cutest dimples in the world – Universe rather. Lol!!

Flashback before 12:00NN

You will always have the hunger for outdoor if that is already in your veins. If you are really person who is up for adventure you will never cease looking for it, you will never have the hesitation to always say yes for invites or you yourself will make it happen no matter what.
Weather is the top reason why outdoor activities are being cancelled for safety reason but sometimes weather can be a factor to add more trill to our adventure, but I am not saying to push through and always take the risk – of course you need to look at the risk involve and make sure that safety is still the priority.
Well, before posting a shout in Facebook I have already considered the risk and evaluate if this would be safe or not.. How about Majyjay now at 10:30AM? Posted 30 minutes earlier and I’m not expecting anyone would say yes or would be interested… That was Sunday when Manila is being rained continuously due to Amihan right after Nona. Someone sent me a private note and replied on my post and that reason why it was pushed through..I should have been lying in bed or in coffee shop or movie if this folk never shown interest. Anyhow I was really sick staying at home for weekend so we have finalized our meet up time and place and it was a close deal.

Boarded the bus going to Sta. Cruz, Laguna – it was a 3 hour bus ride.. Alight at the bus terminal – waited for a jeep bound to Majayjay – tere is terminal in Sta.Cruz but we manage to wait along the way.. Not comfortable seating though or even a topload.. my first time “sabit” for an hour travel with rains pouring on my face…such a crazy idea JP! You we relooking for adventure, right? Here you go this is it, sad we have no photos while on board. That was an hour jeepney ride – and from jeep terminal another 30 minutes to reach Taytay Falls. There is scheduled trip in the area and for us to reach and board the last trip from Taytay Falls we nee dto be at the terminal by 4:45PM. The jeepney from Majayjay to Taytay falls will leave at 4:00PM so we decided to take a trike, since the jeep leaving from Taytay is same with the one in terminal… We paid 200.00 for the trike, the trek or should I say run took only 10 minutes… Yes – it was only a 15 minutes stay in falls and we run back to terminal to board the last trip.
It was adventure indeed – 8 hours travel time and 15 minutes stay to enjoy the falls. We arrived in Manila at 10:30 and cap the night with Korean dumplings.


IMG_8148The Falls:
This is the place where “Tabing Ilog” of ABS-CBN was taped during 90’s. It is just a 15 minutes’ walk from a paved walk way. The water is cold but it has clear turquoise water that is so inviting to swim. This is good for swimming since it has a pool like for swimming. It was raining that time but water is still clear. Entrance fee is P20.00 and they allow overnight in the area – you can pitch your tent.
Though it was a quick glimpse it was still a good get away because of the feeling of being at home – home is where my heart is and that is outdoors.

Budget for 2: P800.00





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