I might see you along the way | Let’s compare 2016 travel list

It’s almost the end of the year and for sure you have go over with your 2015  travel reviews. Have you achieved your objectives or even met the expectation or you went over your goals?

This is the right timing again to start looking back at 2015 so you can start to draw for your bucket list in 2016. Isn’t exciting and looking forward for more travel next year? Have you plan yet for 2016? Have you include things that you haven’t tried? Have you included sky diving? Have you considered traveling alone in foreign land? Or maybe you have though of traveling with someone special this time? Or you see yourself in 2016 still single and just focus on work and travel?  Well, that is your life and you rule it! You have the control over it but why not compare notes – we might have same destination at same time why don’t we plan together. We have same passion, right?


Here are my plans for 2016.

January :

Mt. Kupaey + Mt. Fato – I want to try the route from Cervantes in Ilocos Sur and by this time rice terraces would be in green now since rice plants should have grown little bit that time already.

Mt.Purgatory Jan 22

Boracay – Planning to tour Ate Sha on the last week of the month.



Mt. Halcon – I hope I can make it and prepare for the climb. ( Feb 6-8).

Cebu – I have booked a flight but I’m not sure if I will push through…I have a booking also for June and that would be 1 week.

San Juan La Union – This will always be on my list maybe in case I have no weekend activity. I will just pull my bag and ride a bus and ride the waves of Elyu.



Weekend will be a training climb near the Metro.

Mt. Guiting Guiting – I hope that work would permit me to leave for 5 days. Mar 19 – 23

Laguna waterfalls



I want to join and go back to Mt. Apo. ( April 15-19, 2016)

Bolinao + Bani – Wanna go back to beach of Pangasinan and explore Caves of Bani.


I will be waiting for Invites locally unless I can book for Singapore Solo travel.



5 – 11 Cebu with instagrammers.

I want to explore Cabugao, Ilocos Sur Surfing site and the little island in the area.


Might be in surfing site this time.

Tirad Pass

or workshop for Barista and Pastry


Bicol Backpaking


Abra + Kalinga


Mt. Dulang Dulang

Since this would be my birthday month – I want to try backpacking SEA.


Mt. Kanlaon Nov 12-13










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