Baler | Riding Pacific Waves has captured my heart.


Would be a work related or a personal life I always has the hunger to learn, to bring it to the next level. I want to be better every day. And no one can stop us as long as we love what we do; we always have the reason to do it better, not for other people but for our own. We want to reach the point where we can say I have done everything and I’m good at this point. You can already feel the happiness within and the personal satisfaction.

I have been into travel and adventure recently and I will be writing one why I have been busy travelling for this year.  One thing that interests me now is to SURF, riding the waves is a different experience, a different angle to see the world and different ride to live a life.

I have never been to water activities and scared of huge waves before because the fact that I cannot swim, been fear riding water boats but then we need to face our fears just ride on to adventure. Well, it is a plus if you know how to swim but there are surfing place that are good for beginners and does not require you to be a swimmer.  I started surfing last year in La Union and on my first attempt I made it to stand and that made me fell in love with this activity.

Baler – you have captured my heart.  Your pacific waves captured my inactive heart. You have given me another reason to keep my heart beating.  I enjoyed your waves and have opened my heart to go further with surfing. You’ve given me more reason to fall in love with waves. You’ve given me reason to keep riding the waves. You’ve given me reason to push my limit and take pride of riding your waves. And lastly, you’ve given me reason to fall in love again and ride your waves together

For an hour of surfing, going against your current and riding through your waves was an awesome experience.  You’ve given me suitable waves that my skill can manage; you’ve given me just right waves that my skill can manage. You’ve given just enough – so I can balance, I can stand and see the world above your waves. You’ve given me a good time to feel proud of whom I am and feel the happiness of your waves. Indeed, you just have captured my heart.

We may going through against the current remember that after the strong waves there is calm huge ocean waiting for us. Going through struggle is not permanent; it is part of journey as we aim for a better life.  Strong current and waves are just temporary in our lives; they prepare us to be stronger and skillful for our craft. They prepare us so we can even go further and level up in whatever passion we have. There are only two options you have, either back out and let the fear stay within you or go and take the risk. You only fail if you don’t try, trying is considered successful – because if you did not get the positive result you still have lot of chance to try and do it again. Failing is about fear of not trying.

Pacific waves have captured my heart – my heart to keep surfing and keep riding the waves of life.  Captured my heart to fall in love again and bring that love to ride the waves.









You can get there by a private car or the Genesis Bus which is the only bus operating Manila – Baler for now. Genesis has limited and scheduled trip so you may want to reserve your seats ahead of time. You can reserve via online . The travel time would take 5 – 6 hours during night time and another trike to Sabang from Central terminal .Or you can book your tour with agencies, try to contact Ken Agsaway in Facebook for your group travel.

Baler beach has a long surfing shore like about 2km and lot of hotels, hostel, and transient. There are rolling store in the town proper, there are foodie along the area, ATM Machines, Mercury Drug and other establishments. What I love about Baler is just the waves and long stretch of shores for surfing. I never had chance to eat to famous/Sikat bistro or café in the area. You may also check other attractions like the Ditumabo Falls, Museo de Baler, Climb the century old Balete Tree, Diguisit falls, Dicasalarin Cove, Rock Formation, PAGASA Baler Radar Station, Ermita Hills. ( A safe place to escape during a tsunami)












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