Surfing down South | Real, Quezon

Three days before the weekend comes we’ve already trim down our choices to Baler or Kupapey and since we want more water activities this time we opted and decided to push for Baler. I checked Genesis and other blogs on how to get there and find out that bus operating directly from Manila to Baler is only Genesis. You can take cutting trip by taking buses bound to Cabanatuan and from there you may choose to take van or buses bound to Baler.


The 2PM Call time arrives and we are all geared with our backpacks and all, we had lunch in 7-11 along Edsa Cubao and an open conversation started after not getting a bus bound to Baler but our plan really was to take Cabanatuan.

Bolinao comes to play, Kupapey, La Union and the new place that was not even part of original chices is Real Quezon. After checking hashtags in IG we’ve decided to try and find out what Real, Quezon offers.  I think t’was really destined for this place because we are just near the Raymond Cubao station although Cubao Terminal only operates for Naga , they have a bus about to park in Sampaloc Terminal so they allow us to ride in for Sampaloc Terminal. And the journey starts…






The Travel

We bound a non aircon bus in Sampaloc (Raymond) to Infanta Quezon. The travel takes 4 hours passing through the towns of Rizal until to Pililia and Laguna. It was very warn during the Manila travel but became breezy and cold when we reached Baras Rizal. Along the way you will see the windmills of Pililia Rizal and jump off points  for Daraitan in Tanay, Mt. Romelo in Famy.

This place is just new destination for surfing, they got huge and high waves, November is good season on this area since Real is located east of the PH map. The highlight of the trip was the waterfalls ( Balagbag Falls) and time to spent overnight camping in the beach. The coffee session and conversation with friends makes the trip worthy. At first it was really a damn boring place, there is no telco signal and one thing they have Surfing event which will not allow us to swim and as new destination they don’t have surf board for rent – how was that? Yes, we were not able to try surfing.


There are already hotels in the area but we opted to pitch our tent. There are few camping site in the area, we stayed in RealSurfPH – this is the new place with only Cabana’s and campsite just in front of the surfing area. They also have hotels but we’re not able to visit it. They have store in the area and clean restroom and shower rooms. They also have food like silogs and snack.




The Place

The only have short shore for surfing – if I’m correct it’s only 300 meters sand beach, the area is rock beaches from highway and to most parts of Real Quezon. Surfing site is located in Brgy Malapad, Real, Quezon a 5km away from national highway, you can take trike for 150 one way. Visit the famous Balagbag falls, during our visit construction of few parts of the roads is ongoing but 95% is paved and in good condition.





Only Raymond bus operates directly from Manila to Real Quezon, the terminal is located in Sampaloc Manila near Arrelano University in Legarda, Nagtahan.

You may opt to take Lucena Buses and from Lucena Grand Terminal take another mini bus bound to Real Quezon.



12:00NN Assembly Time Raymond Bus ( Near Arrelano University in Legarda, Nagtahan Sampaloc)

12:30PM Departure Manila

03:30PM Arrival Famy

04:30PM Arrival Brgy Tigloan, Real Quezon ( Get off here before the bridge of Brgy Tigloan)Take trike to Surfing Site

05:00PM Arrival Surfing Site – Brgy Mapalad – Check in RealSurfPH

06:00PM Dinner

08:00PM Light Off


06:00AM Wake Up Call – Breakfast

07:00AM Trek to Balagbag Falls – you can take trike for 10 minutes but we opted to walk for 50 minutes.

Falls is just 5 minutes away from road.

08:00AM – Arrival in Falls – Swim, take photos

09:00AM – Depart – back to RealSurfPH

10:00AM Break Camp – Swim – Wash Up

12:00NN – Check Out

1:00PM – Depart Quezon

05:00PM – Arrival Ortigas

06:00PM – CBTL Session


Breakdown of Expenses:

Bus two way            P294.00

Trike two way          100.00 ( 150 per way for 3 person)

Accommodation      285.00  ( Entrance fee per pax P95.00, camping fee Medium P270.00)

Meals                         200.00

Balagbag Falls reg    20.00

Total Approx         P900.00

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