Mt. Kabunian | Bakun Trilogy

Mt.Kabunian | Bakun Triology


And the last leg of Bakun trio is Mt.Kabunian – this can be taken as first peak on first day in exchange of Mt. Lubo and that would still depend on your time. If you arrived before lunch in Poblacion, Bakun this is feasible.



Mt. Kabunian can be hike by 5-7 hours up and down. The trails are steep and mostly are ridge/edge during the first two hours of the hike and to mention that this is still dart at 3:00 – 5:00am. It is good to start the hike early to avoid direct impact of the sun. We started our hike at 3:00am and able to reach the summit by 6:00am. The dangerous trails has fence placed by locals. It’s not same sa Tenglawan’s long long trekking…this is just short but very steep and somewhat like Pulag on the other trails due to its grassland edge like trails.12234890_10153782475139319_8185570645226814383_n


This is also the trail being used by old tribe to barter goods with ilocanos in Ilocos Region. When you reach the summit you have the viee of La Union and Ilocos Sur Region. In fact during our descend we met a local with her 2 kids traversing Kabunian bound to Ilocos – it was so cool that I feel like I am home. It would take you 8-10 hours trek…hope I can do that someday.

12187911_10153770029559319_2350871794178622787_n12195974_10153773859419319_8696033023958760998_nWe just ha dour coffee and photoshoot in the summit and start descending at 8:00am to avoid too much exposure from sun..but still it was sunny. The descend will just be easy then it would require you 2-3 hours…. Until you reach the river where you need to trek stairways with 800+ steps. Yes – we trek that steps just to reach the foot of Kabunian that was about 250 masl.

12187651_10153773805064319_3351074205806462190_nKabunian offers spectacular view of Tenglawan and grassland with few pine trees – it is also good place to catch for the sunrise. There is water source near the summit. Our team was lucky enough to have a good weather and able to complete the Bakun Trio.

End of the story.


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