Mt. Tenglawan | Bakun Trilogy

Hardest, toughest, and longest yet the best of all peak in Bakun trilogy.  Recommended that Mt. Tenglawan is the 2nd peak to hike due to its long trekking hours and assault trails like of that Akiki at the summit foot. Ideally for the second day after warm up in Mt. Lubo and getting like 5 hours of sleep and rest.  On the first night at Brgy Hall we had our dinner at 7:00pm, fixed our stuff and pack our assault bag for the following day. Lights off at 10:00pm so everyone can have enough rest and sleep before hiking Mt. Tenglawans’ long trail.

I was so excited that I was even the first to wake up. I woke up at 1:00am and felt I already have 8 hours of sleep, remember nights in provinces are so so long….. So I start preppin for my things..I went down to kitchen had coffee and waited for our breakfast to be served. After breakfast we packed our lunch and prepare for the hike. Everyone seems energized and excited for the Carrot peak. The temperature is manageable it was not that cold unlike in Ranger station…  Make sure to carry enough water 1 liter would do since there are water sources along the trail and even before summiting.. Bring your camera, your phone and trail food and extra battery for your head lamp.

The Hike:

We met our local guide at Brgy hall – there were three local guides – one to lead, middle man and to sweep.  The trail would start descending from community down to river and that is about 250 masl descend, are you thinking what I’m thinking? Yes, you need to ascend that again after the climb and that would take 1 hour for 250masl. We started at 3:15am, it was a normal pace because of still dim and because we don’t want to have a long gap with each other..after the descend you will reach the short bridge and right after few steps another long and high bridge needed to pass.. it was okay during the cross because still dark and cannot see how deep the water below… passing through the bridge is also on a single basis for safety purposes.

After the bridge, here comes the assault part in pine forest of about 35 minutes trek and you’ll have already the visibility of sunrays.  At 5:30 am sun already shining its rays on us and it was amazing on how sun rises in between two peaks…remember during your childhood we used to draw two mountains and place the sun in between?

A gradual with few pine trees comes next and from this trail you have the view of rice terraces, Poblacion community and a number of water falls… that is around 2 hours walk until you reach the waiting shed where community exist and a land form road is present..and a long parked jeepney… from there you can already see closely the peak and motivates you to go further…

After 3 hours of trekking, we regroup at the waiting shed and had a long break of about 30 minutes.  At 7:30am we resume and according to our local guide it would take us more 4 hours before reaching the peak. That’s a long trek ahead… but because I was dreaming of Carrot Peak we push and push our limits… Consistently, it was really good being at the first batch – you’ll have enough time to rest, take photos. Local guide cut off is 16 hours if I’m not mistaken. If you cannot reach the peak at 12:00nn, better yet go back and don’t push through….

It’s a long trail at the foot of Rock Mountain; it was slightly covered by few trees but mostly before the pine trees it’s scorching. There are steps along the trail on most part of Rock Mountains. Before reaching pine forest the trail has loose rocks that makes descending difficult…  We reached the water source and our stomach has been asking food …but we pushed until we reached the summit. From water source another assault of 1 hour same as Akiki Pine forest trail… After 45 minutes trek you will have the view of Tagudin Ilocos Sur and La Union….you will see the Amburayan river in Bio, Tagudin and the south China Sea… According to Local guide it can be reached in 8 hour hike.. cool!!

I can’t go straight to peak anymore, so we decided to take our lunch first… how come fried chicken is heaven in mountains? That was the best chicken I have ever taste!! There were already few in summit – those who over take us in pine forest…. – had  the waiting game is finally over. I had the solo pic in Carrot peak.. after 30 minutes of enjoying the view at 12:00NN fogs are already forming and alarming to cover the view…

As we start descending mostly of our team members already in summit and made the 12:00nn cut off time.. So I descend alone until I reach Robby in pine forest taking photos…

So the ascend is about 7 hours on fast pace….. and I think on average it would take you 8 hours.

As we ascend – the other groups are still ascending, there are three groups started their hike late than us.. I think 3:00am is the best time so you can reach the community before it gets dark.

During our ascend fogs are already everywhere, so we continue to trek with our local guide. We started 1:10pm and no long rest along the trail..until our batch were divided to three… since it’s back trail and trail signs are visible we push through until we reach the waiting shed at 2:45pm… And here comes what I was afraid off, the heights of bridge – it was woooohhh really really deep!! I moved and moved back…until Robby told me I am OA and will take me a photo…but seriously that was so deep! After crossing that bridge rain poured and I covered my bag with my bin liner..and as I look at myself I already look like local transporting goods… I placed my bag above my head for easy mobility..I left Robby because I wanted to reach community before strong rain falls… Finally, after 1 hour ascend smile and greetings of locals are just overwhelming… They greeted us with their congratulations was great.. and to cap it up – halo halo is a must! We reached the community at 4:45 pm – the total descend is about 5 hours..

We are the first group arrived and the last member arrived at 9:00pm already…according to records the longest was 23 hours…so make sure you have training before Bakun trio. This is one of my best climb and memorable peak!

The local guide fee for Mt. Tenglawan is P1,000 pesos, stands at 1940+ masl and about 19-20km trail.

Okay – time to wash up, dinner and rest for the last leg tomorrow of Bakun Trio.


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