The 7 Lakes of San Pablo City + Underground Cemetery of Nagcarlan Laguna + Bato Spring

Just to maintain the momentum of being outbound every weekend, I opt to look for other outdoor activities aside from hiking to get some rest. Well, after searching different places I think 7 Lakes is admirable for its scenery and peaceful environment.  This is part of my long month birthday celebration and of course with my frequent travel buddies.


The lakes are maars or low-profile volcanic craters located in the San Pablo Volcanic Field. They are among the 200 small monogenetic volcanoes found along the Macolod Corridor, a rift zone between Mount Makiling and Mount Banahaw, which is part of the larger Southwestern Luzon Volcanic Field,.[2] These craters are formed byphreatomagmatic eruptions, an eruption where ground water comes in contact with hot magma pushing up near the Earth’s surface

We were 6 in a group that fits for two trike – this is the best way to go around the 7 lakes since these lakes are located around the city. There are tours offered in twin lakes Yambu and Pandin around 180 per person for the boat transfer only (expensive) so we opt not to visit Yambu and just stay in Pandin for pictorials.

  1. Bunot Lake | This is close to residential area which makes the lake polluted and not good for swimming. This is just near the road about 25 steps away.

Bunot Lake

2. Calibato Lake | This requires trekking of about 10 minutes to reach the lake. There is a presence of houses in the area within the jump off point. From here you can ask the local to bring you to other side for a minimal fee to see the falls. You can ask JR to sail you to other side. The falls is not that awesome but the sailing is what makes perfect. DSCF2220 DSCF2235 DSCF2261 DSCF2270

3. Pandin Lake | For you to reach these lakes you need to trek for 15 minutes. For you to reach Yambo which is the twin of this lake you need to take tour for P180..00 per pax, bit expensive so we opt not to visit Yambo. They offer lunch here and take the lunch in Balsa for 360 that includes the tour and lunch.


4. Yambo – no photo available.

5. Palakpakin | When we reached this lake rain poured so hard and we just opt to take photo and leave for our next destination. Some parts of the lake is close to community, locals enjoying the rain and waters of the lake.

IMG_3201 IMG_3216

6. Muhikap Lake | This can be accessed via stairways of about 30 steps, you will be greeted by two families living in the area and will offer ride to see the cave. Opps don’t expect too much from that cave – its just like a man made and well good enough to sail and help the locals. It cost us 70/pax for the trip.

DSCF2360 DSCF2391

7. Sampaloc Lake | This is located within the city proper.

We did not spend much time here – but this is good place to recharge since lot of vendors present in this lake.


Side Trip: Right after Pandin Lake – you may opt to have lunch at Nagcarlan and visit Nagcarlan Undergorund Cemetery. We take Jeep ride for 15 pesos and 25 minutes ride.



Bato Spring: This is away from the city -it’s about 30 minutes trike ride. We rented a trike for 200 from Sampaloc Lake. This is our final place for swimming and wash up.

DSCF2435 DSCF2437DSCF2459

and to cap the night – we had our dinner at San Pablo City – near 7/11 and BDO along the high way while waiting for our bus bound to Manila.

The place is bistro called – SUKI – the place is cozy and grammable…and they have good food at minimal cost and live band…if we can only stay late at night..we would… Dinner at P830.00 good for 6 pax.


How to get there:


Take bus going to Lucena:

There are number of buses going to Lucena in Buendia and Cubao. JAC and DLTB. Then get off at San Pablo 7-11 BDO or Jolibbee and from there you can hire trike to tour you on 7 lakes.

Sample Itinerary:

3:00 am – Assembly mcdo Buendia/Taft

04:00 am – EDT Buendia

06:00 am – arrival 7/11 Jollibee San Pablo

07:00 am start tour

12:00 nn – Lunch at Nagcaralan

1:00 pm – back to San Pablo for remaining lakes.

04:00pm – Travel to Bato Spring

06:00pm – Departure Bato Spring

06:30pm – Arrival 7/11 San pablo High way – Diiner at SUKI

08:00pm – Departure San Pablo

10:00pm Arrival Manila

Cost per Pax for 6 : P700.00


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