Mt. Sipit Ulang – 252masl + Payaran Falls | Rodriquez, Rizal

Here is the addition to my Rizal Peak Series 2015. Another awesome trail and peak of Rizal Province, this mountain stands at 252masl and was called after the “crab’s claw’ shape of the peak rock formation. Like the other mountains in Rizal, this also offers a limestone formations and sharp rocky trail. DSCF0203 DSCF0218

This mountain has two trails and one is called the “Paniki” and still relatively new. I would suggest to take this trail on your ascend; it would take you 2 -3 hours. The trail is 65% rocky that includes clambering up and down, crawl to trails like caves and narrow channel but don’t worry since bamboos safety handrails and bridges have been installed by the locals. The challenge is if you want fast pace it’s hard to advance since it’s only a single trail. The other trail ideally for descending is what they called “Banayad” trail which took us only 35 minutes back to Brgy Hall.  

At the summit, it features the claw like rock formations, visible at also at the summit are the rocky peaks of Banoi, Pamitinan, Binacayan and Mt. Ayaas, Ayaas can be accessed in Brgy Mascap. If you are diehard mountaineer and have lot of stored energy you can have duo peak at the same day, don’t missed to include the 7 layers water falls of Payaran Falls. 

 The Brgy is currently in process of passing Brgy Resolution for standard fees and policies. They have temporary hall near the ongoing construction of Brgy Hall. According to Kagawad they also have secret lagoon which is not yet open to public, something that we look forward. The jump off has mini market that offers mostly of your needs from water, food, footwear and fresh catches.


5:00AM Meet up at Jollibee Farmers Cubao

6:30AM Depart Cubao ( Take FX going to Rodriquez and get off at Eastwood Total Gas Station)

7:30AM Arrival at Eastwood – Total Gas (Look for the trike terminal going to Brgy Miscap)

7:35AM Trike ride to Brgy Miscap

8:10AM Arrival Brgy Miscap (Orientation and Registration/ Guide Assignment)

8:30AM Start Trek via Paniki Trail

10:45AM Arrival at the summit

11:00AM Descend via Banayad Trail

11:30AM Arrival Brgy Hall – Take Lunch ( try Anna Carinderia’s Beef Caldereta”)

12:00NN Trek to Waterfalls.

12:50PM Arrive at the waterfalls.

2:00PM Back to Brgy Hall

2:45PM Arrive Brgy Hall – wash up.

3:30PM Depart Brgy Miscap

4:05 Arrival at Eastwood FX Terminal

5:15PM Arrival Cubao, QC. (Coffee at CBTL Gateway – a usual photo review session)

7:00PM Home Sweet Home

Breakdown of Expenses:

FX to Eastwood two way    P100.00

Trike two way                        150.00  ( 150 per trike per way max of 4 passenger)

Environmental Fee                 20.00  ( Donation only as of this writing)

Guide fee                              200.00 (suggested is P400.00 for group of 3-4)

Wash Up Fee                          20.00

Total:                                   P490.00

Things to consider:

Like Binacayan and Pamitinan – bring gloves to protect you from sharp rocky edges.

No Globe Signal: Smart and Sun has signal but weak..

I would suggest wearing trekking shoes since rocks are sharp and trail is slippery when wet.

Few trails are open so bring your sun protection.

There are about 3 river crossing and bridge is not yet provided -so you will really get wet.

Contact Information:

Tourist Head Coordinator

Mark Nicasio: 09053826633

Tour Guide:

Joseph Canada: 09998606740

DSCF0185 DSCF0211 DSCF0215 DSCF0219

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