Mt. Pulag via Akiki Trail | Playground of Gods at 2,922 masl

At any point in time if someone would invite me for this climb I will surely say yes at 90%, 10 % depends on my availability at work and  energy..but I guess I will be energized once I step on the grounds of Benguet…

This mountain being the 3rd highest now in the Philippines is a must hike yearly to really enjoy the different things that it offers. You can hike during dry season, wet season, summer, or even rainy season to experience what we call a true adventure.

Since I have been hiking for minor for 2 months now I think its good time to go for Major climb this time. Yes it was a major climb via Akiki trail. I have been hearing and reading about that difficult trail but when I was packing up my things I only packed for 1 night and was just cleared that it will be two days when I was already in Victory Liner…I was just worried of my food and clothing…Along the road from Baguio to Akiki Jump off there were landslide so make sure to cover all those during planning session.

I should have a Kupapey climb but due to some impassable road it was cancelled so I decided to join the guest of Sari Sari Tour beside I have my co mountaineer from Apo climb..

 The excitement is always there – excitement that it will no longer give you time to rest and take some sleep. I’ve been to Pulag twice via Ambagueng trail so this time around is different and it requires a lot of energy and sweat.

What I love most about Pulag is the trail… the mossy forest trail..the grassland and of course the sunset and sea of clouds. The only thing I have not seen now is the Milky Way and millions of stars at night – and that is the reason I need to go back… What make even more interesting is that its my first time to join SariSari Tour. Interesting since I will see directly how my co-UEM manage tours, and find it very difficult. You need to cook for them, set up camp regardless of weather… carrying all the supplies and equipment is just to tiring…

 To all organizers and tour agency make sure that we orient our guest and always consider safety as top priority.

Okay, to start this Pulag Akiki – the usual breakfast at Aling Gina, DENR Orientation and proceed to jump off. If you want to hike Mt. Pulag you may check travel agencies online for convenience – they have contact person in DENR since reservation is needed and of course to better facilitate your adventure let them handle for you.

Below is the actual Itinerary we had. The climb via akiki according to blogs is 8 -12 hours. Once you arrived in Baguio you may buy your Manila ticket to make sure you have reserved seat.

Day 0:

7:00PM – Call time Victory Liner Cubao Terminal

8:30PM Departure Manila

Day 1:

2;30AM Arrival Baguio

3:30AM departure Baguio

5:45AM Arrival Kabayan

8:20AM Orientation DENR

10:55AM Arrival Akiki Jump off

12:00NN Start Trek

1:45PM Arrival Eddet River – Lunch

3:00PM resume Trek

4:12PM Arrival ECamp

4:25PM Resume Trek

5:37PM Arrival Marlboro Summit

This campsite is nice – they have water source and toilet with bowl. It has also a Porter Den that can accommodate 10 lying capacity.

Day 2:

9:50AM Start Trek

10:53AM Arrival at last water source Mossy forest – Lunch

1:05PM Resume Trek

3:25PM Arrival Saddle Camp

Day 3:

4:00AM Wake up Call

5:05AM Trek to Summit

5:45AM Arrival Summit

7:00AM Back to Saddle Camp Site

8:00AM Break Camp

8:25AM Star Descend

10:12AM Arrival Camp 2

11:13AM Arrival Ranger Station – Wash up

2:15PM Departure DENR

5:15PM Arrival Baguio

When climbing via Akiki – special consideration – you need to have training because the trail from Eddet to Saddle is steep and all assault all the way. Always bring rain coat, umbrella and extra plastic.

Porter is available at Brgy Hall in Akiki Jump off at 1,500 for 15 kilos and additional 100 for every kilo in excess of 15kl. You also need to pay P100.00 for entrance/environmental fee. There is also a guide fee of 1,800 for  a group of 7.

This trail features a vast of Pine Trees, Eddet River, Foggy Trail, Mossy Forest and grass land.

Go Hike and Enjoy!!


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