Silyang Bato | Mt. Marami

Part of my goal this year is to climb as many as minor mountains near the Metro. Since I have been with the most popular ones way back my college years, I have to try this what they call the sequel of Mt. Pico de Loro which happens to be in Cavite also.

I fell in love with the rock formation of Mt. Marami while doing my research on the how’s and what’s of this mountain. From the social media posted by bloggers the scenery is just great for me and can’t keep myself not to hike the soonest time. And yes I did invitation to my friends through Facebook and eventually have 4 guest and got Yes from 4 folks.

Do not under estimate Mt. Marami regarding its difficulty and a very long trek. It is not advisable for Day Hike based on my experience and I have seen that advice from blogs and I did ignore. I should have done more research just to make sure we are prepared psychically and mentally.


Mount Marami-Silyang Bato
Maragondon, Cavite
Jump-off point : Brgy. Ramirez, Magallanes, Cavite
LLA : 405+ MASL
Days required/hours to summit : 1-2 days/4-6 hours
Specs : Minor climb; Difficulty : 3/9 ; Trail Class 1-3

Through out the climb it was all a questions of ” malayo pa ba” how long would it take? Are we near yet? I would agree that I have been with Major climb like Apo & Banahaw but this is such one of the most difficult climb I ever had. There are even statement like – whats with this mountain? Is there something with the gravity in this place? I have also those questions in mind – why it seems so tiring even the trail is gradual, it can be because of the muddy trail and exposed trail that directly hit by the sunlight, its was really hot along the trail, there are only few tress that can be a rest area from the scorching heat.  Yes – our ascend was about 85% muddy trail that requires more energy to move forward. A trail that consumed our reserved energy for descending and photo shoot. The trail is same with the trail being used by cows/horses that made it even difficult for hikers. There are 2 river crossing and if I’m not mistaken four mountains we crossed just to reached the summit. According to blogs there are two trails but the other one which is shorter was closed and we left with no option to take the longer trail which is about 4 hours excluding rest and stop overs. We only stayed in summit for 30 minutes since we are trying to catch the last trip of Jeepney going back to Naic at 5PM. We took 3 hours to ascend and the time we think we cannot make it – we just stayed at the buko station and had a long rest and power nap. Our descend went well except that heat is just so directly on the trails that somehow causes  dehydration and makes the descend even tiring. Bring 4 liters of water and umbrella.

How to get there:

From Lawton, Saulog Transit or in Southwest Terminal in Coastal Mall – take Naic Bound Buses same with teh buses going to Pico de Loro. Alight at Petron Gas Station of Naic Cavite. Near the place are Mcdonald and Jollibee. from Mcdo side walk about 500 meters to Shell Gas Station/BPI to reach the Grand Terminal. From Shell gas Station go straight until you see the Utra Mega Supermarket fronting the Welcome Mark of Grand Terminal. Take a jeep bound to Magallanes. The earliest travel is 7AM of as early a sthe Jeepney is full. The travel is about 45 minutes. Tell the driver that you are bound to Ramirez and ask him to drop you there. From that drop off you can have your final check of your grocery items or stuff, there is mini mart at the side that sells almost everything you need in terms of food and drinks. Take trike going to Brgy Hall – according to Kuya it can be reached by walking but I suggest just take trike coz it would take you 15 minutes and lots of energy.

From Brgy Hall – we pay our registration fee and look for our guide. The guide has no system or fixed payment. You can negotiate directly with the guide on the rate. You can look for JR Seracon 0935 501 0207. We had our stop over at Nuestra Senora after 1.5 hours of trek and the local who owns the place asked us to pay another reg fee of P20.00 but the other mountaineers who did not pass by the place didn’t pay. I’m not just sure if this is legit or depending on your guide. They have Buko Juice at P10.00

I would  not recommend this for Day Hike but if you choose to – please make sure you reach the Brgy Hall at 5pm to take the public jeep going back to Naic or else you would take a chartered Trike or Jeep depending on your number. We were five and we took a Trike and paid P150.00 each. The initial plan is to bring us to Maragondon High way but that was already 8:45 pm and no more buses are passing bound to Manila – so he drove us to nearby town which is Naic, unfortunately no more Manila bound buses so we took the Bus going to SM Bacoor and from there we then again took bus bound to Coastal. Just make sure you are on time or best you can rent a van from Manila.

Tips/Things to Consider

1. Not recommended for Day hike specially if you have beginners.

2. Bring 4 liters of water for Day hike and packed lunch since the trail is so demanding.

3. Bring flashlight in case you cant make it to Jump Off before sunset.

4. There is water source 1 hour from Summit but I never tried…. I just waited until I reach the Buko Station.

5. No stores along the way unlike Pico/Maculot and others.

6. Consider your transportation schedules.

7. Stay connected with your Guide or Buddy since there are multiple trail without signage.

8. We ask JR’s Family to cook Tinolang Native na Manok for Dinner at P600.00 with Ice Cold Coke including our wash up.

Sample Day Hike Itinerary:

03:30AM Assembly at Coastal Mall terminal

04:30AM Departure Coastal Mall P 64.00

05:30AM Arrival petron Gas Naic ( Breakfast Mcdo) P150.00

07:00AM Departure Grand Terminal Naic P36.00

07:45AM Arrival Brgy Ramirez – no landmark – just a minimart and highway.

08:00AM Arrival Brgy Hall- Register P20.00

08:15AM Start Trek

09:30AM Arrival Nuestra Senora

12:10NN Lunch near the summit.

01:10PM Arrival Summit

01:45PM Start Descend

04:05 Arrival Buko Sttaion near 2nd River ( Palayan )

05:15 Arrival Community – Dinner/ Wash Up

07:35PM Departure Brgy Ramirez

08:38PM – High Way Maragondon Cavite

10:00PM – Arrival Manila


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