Hongkong – Asia’s World City | Macau Tour

The planning started when my friend got a promo ticket from CebuPac for a Php 5,000 round trip ticket. We waited for 5 months before our flight and we had enough time to prepare and research about the place and made our own itinerary. We planned to visit Disneyland, Ocean park, Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car, Macau, The Peak and shopping. 1 2 3

Macau Tower
One type of HK transportation
At Avenue of Star during nightime
with our Kababayan at Lantau Island
the moment you get lost at MTR
my favorite MTR station – interchange station to Disneyland
with the team members of Dragon Boat PH

The flight lasted for 1 hour and 45 minutes from NAIA, as you step down from the plane you will recognized that indeed you are in different country because of how the system of their airport flows efficiently. We were taken by a bus from our terminal to main arrival hall. There were no long lines in immigration and exist points. From airport you can take bus, MTR or the airport express to bring you to city proper or to Hongkong island and Kowloon island. Mind that airport express is HKD 100.00 or about Php 550.00, but I think its worth your money because you will save time due to its speed.1 6

We only checked in to guest house ” Royal Crown ” along Nathan Rd in Tsim Sha Tsui. It is locate din the center of commercial – the area is full of shops for jewelry, clothing lines and other fashion stuff. There are near fast food chain like mcdo, there is also Starbucks and 7/11 and accessible to MTR and buses.

We visited Disneyland on our first day and don’t forget to bring umbrella during summer season, because it was very warn and humid. I’m not fan of themed parks that’d why I didn’t enjoy that much adding the warm weather. What I enjoyed most is the ride from Tomorrowland ” Space Mountain.1 2 3 4 5

The next day we were bound to 360 Lantau island which I enjoyed the most because of the cable car and its nature park. I will definitely go back here and try to trek instead of ridding the cable car. Aside from the view while on the cable car you will also enjoy the place heading to Buddha but make sure you will bring umbrella during summer season.

She is a Filipina

Our Macau was terrible because the time that we ride a bus going to port we took the Macua Port instead of the Taipan Port. So we then take another bus going to Taipan Port – unfortunately the latest sailing is 1AM. Yes we need to wait for 8 hours – well we cannot do anything – so we decided to go back to Venetian and have shopping again. We went back to Taipan Port at 11PM and we were able to sail at 12mid – I think if you can just wait they can accommodate other passenger earlier. Make sure that once you entered Macau book immediately for your return sail if you will only spend day in Macau. Aside from Casinos we visited the Ruins of Saint Paul in Monte Fort , Macau. There are free taste along the way to ruins – try the meat jerky and biscuits. We had our coffee in Starbucks and saw the team members of Dragon Boat Team who just won the championship in Macau Boat Race. 7 8 9

And the best moment in Hongkong is shopping in Langham Place in Mongkok and Citygate Mall. I decided not to visit ocean park since its a themed park again. I’m enjoying riding on their MTR and just shop and shop. If I will have the chance to go back – I will visit again 360 Lantau island and Citygate for shopping.1 2 3 4

Our air ticket was promo at Php 5,000.00, our tickets to Disneyland and Macua Ferry were bought from our Guest House with discount. For the 4 days stay we spend around Php 20,000.00 including accommodation, daily meals, entrance fees, MTR Rides and some pasalubong.


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