Sagada | a place of happiness

Inspired by the movie ” That thing called Tadhana ” Sagada became even famous for travelers. The place gets more attention when the movie was released to cinemas and more tours were offered to social media. Well, you can’t deny that you will really fall in love with the place even just watching the movie because of its temperate weather, remoteness of the place, forestry with lots of pine trees and not to mention the hospitality of people in the area – yes a place to heal your broken heart.  A place to regain love and respect for yourself- Its not from the movie lines but based on my experience.

It is located 275 kilometres (171 mi) north of Manila (taking at least 12 to 15 hours by bus), 140 kilometres (87 mi) from Baguio, and it is adjacent to Bontoc, the provincial capital.

Sagada is famous for its hanging coffins. This is a traditional way of burying people that is still utilized. Not everyone is qualified to be buried this way; among other things, one had to have been married and had grandchildren.

Popular activities include trekking, exploring both caves and waterfalls, spelunking, bonfires, picnics, rappelling, visiting historical sites, nature hikes, and participating in tribal celebrations. Guides can be found upon registration at the tourist-office in Sagada Proper (the main town) for a small fee. | Wikipedia.c

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The experience is priceless – I was a single traveler joining other traveler under Paul Cagayan. This is my second time to join alone with strangers whom became my friends after the tour. We assembled at Mcdo Centris Station and headed to Sagada via private van. Throughout the trip none of us in Van A slept – we were all at the same age bracket and it make lively and fun talking same interests. We started introducing ourselves until we played games and so on…until we got comfortable each other and finally arrived at our first stop – Banaue. We had our breakfast in Banaue and picture taking at Banaue Rice Terraces.Capturee f

The trip continuous to mountainous road and zigzag sharp curves and steep road. What makes the trip trilling is that our driver drives fast but of course with safety.

Finally, we arrived at Sagada and started our adventures and food tripping. This was a precious tour for me because it helps a lot on my recovery and realization process. I got to see the other side of the world and realized that happiness is a choice. That our happiness is not dependent on the others but instead on your own self. Sometimes its really good to travel with strangers and forget all those pain on your past.  A good place to start a new you and move on to more meaningful journey of life. I can say that I’m now perfect okay and enjoying each day on my work and of course my travel. Now – I see even more meaning of life. I see much of happiness that travelling can offer. Thank you Sagada for the experience – I will see you again soon.A b d

We visited also the Strawberry farm in La Trinindad and finally had our dinner in Baguio. Just advise for traveler using Van – make sure that your driver has enough rest and sleep since this trip is long.

You can visit the blog below for detailed information.


4 thoughts on “Sagada | a place of happiness

  1. […]  Sagada has a lot to offer – its weather and ambiance is just good enough – what more if you try the other places it offers? Hike to Mt. Ampacao and witness the sunrise – you may also camp here overnight and wait for the sunrise. The trail is established and no reason for you to get lost. Just go straight to road down from market all the way to signage Sumaguing cave – and there you can ask where is the Ambasing Elementary School – that is the way up – just right turn and follow the road up to Ranch. Marlboro Mountain is near the Rock In – you need guide here if you are first timer – we had our guide from hotel and we used his pick up all the way up for P800.00 guide fee and p550.00 rental of pick up. The sunrise here is just so lovely and amazing – there are times that sea of clouds forms here like of that Kiltepan. Interesting is Sagada has Echo Valley – but the echo here is a real echhhoooo – you can shout here with all the pain you have since less crowd and echo is echo.. hahaha.. Try and Find the other side of Sagada. Sagada | a place of happiness […]


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