Anguib Beach – Sta. Ana Cagayan

This is still part of my Cagayan Tour – and I would say that this place is such best place for people who love beach without crowd, beach with just you and the water!

The stretch of Anguib Beach
with Sexy Joi

This can be accessed from San Vicente port in 20 minutes via boat but I’m not sure if there is land transfer from that beach because I saw a group of families coming from the other side of the mountain..but I hope if there is, the Tourism agency should be strict in its tourism activities to protect the area.

          The place is facing the Pacific Ocean thus the sea is rough but there is calm part which is good for swimming since the land forms cove formation. There are rock hills just like of that in Palawan and the sand is golden brown to white with crystal clear water. If low tide you can see the huge stretch of sandbar. There is also a floating shed which good place to rest or just hang out and watch the paradise. The shore has stretch of maybe around 2km and on the other cove is another swimming area. The place has good shed with pine trees and table and chairs. The entrance fee is P100.00 per pax and rental for cottage is 500.00 we just use the table to save cottage rental.

 During our stay there were only 4 groups visiting the island making it a very peaceful and relax environment. There is Globe tower on top of that mountain and you can easily post your picture perfect shots!

According to Bangkero you can stay overnight at the place but I think there is no electricity or water source in the area. As I have said it’s just you and the nature.

Isn’t that perfect for a single like you? Lol!

Go and visit Cagayan now! Happy Beaching!!




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