My Inspirational Speech – Leadership Summit 2011

Success is great. But Significance is lasting! Many people measure their success by wealth, recognition, power and status. There’s nothing wrong with those, but if that’s all you’re focused on, you’re missing the boat. Focus on significance using your time and talent to serve others that’s when truly meaningful success comes your way.

I’m Jayrom Jaramilla. I’m one of the Operations Manager in GP. I started in ACS March 2008 under the GP Project.

I’m pleased to share my significant story here at ACS, It’s not just about success but how I was able to be significant employee to the company. I’m not just growing here professionally for myself but being a change agent to transform the lives of my people to achieve operational excellence and career success!

I was just an ordinary employee, jumping from one corner of market place to another, that was 2 years unstable career.

Last March of 2008, I asked myself, it’s been 2 years since graduation that my career has no direction. I saw the job posting from ACS that they are looking for accounting professionals for new project. Without thinking I grab my resume and submit it to Recruitment. I got hired and I started in ACS as Staff level in Georgia Pacific Account. I was promoted as Operations Manager in period of two years. It was a challenging role, I’m not prepared for the role but I’m a risk taker, I know failure will be part of my success, I had the courage because I know that L&D is there ready help develop you!

It was then a breakthrough in my career journey, I took lot of courage to accept the role and I’m confident that I can handle the role because I have faith in God and I know I can do it!

ACS transformed my life, from an ordinary accounting associate to a Manager.  I’m thankful that God given me this break and the people around me. I’m blessed because I have coaches’ surround me and of course my leadership team to help me bring out the best in me.  Your faith in God will bring you to his destined plan for you; plan to prosper you and give you hope. We need to be passionate in all we do and be humble, make a significant impact everyday! Make a difference and add value!

My end in mind is to delight our client by meeting all SL’s, but that was not enough; the true meaning of life is being a significant person on lives of your people, be a person of influence.

As a leader, we should lead by example. Leadership is influence. This is the favorite definition of leadership by John Maxwell. It’s simple, straightforward, one word description that places leadership within everyone’s reach. All of us can exercise a certain degree of influence on someone, at some point, in some place. Leadership isn’t about titles, positions, or flowcharts. It’s about one life influencing another. We need to be a good influence to our people by leading a good example. The most effective leadership is by example, not edict. Nearly 90% of people learn is visual. It’s what they see! 9% are verbal and 1% is through other senses. People need to see a sermon than to hear it, to really embrace it. A leader’s credibility and his right to be followed are based on his life as much as his lip. We need to comply with the rules and regulations, compliance should be 10,000%, according to Charles Koch (100% all employees * 100% all the time).

We need to go beyond the borders, go beyond the extra mile. Keep going and always challenge yourself for excellence. Be the finest solution provider! Solution to make things better and better, solution to make a difference and solution to perform extraordinary. The moment you stop learning, you stop leading. Life is a continuous process, a never ending journey!

ACS has allowed me the chance to remove world from my shoulder and view the world from a position of true meaning to me. Once again, this is Jayrom Jaramilla and I will be part of the solution!


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