Callao Cave – Cagayan Tour

Cagayan occupies the northeastern tip of the Philippines, bounded by province of Batanes on the north, the Philippine sea on the east, Isabela province on the south, and Cordillera Mountain ranges on the west. The region is called Cagayan Valley or Region 2 with Tuguegarao as capital city. There are approx 1.07M population as of 2007. This is the second largest region in the Philippines in terms of land area. Predominant dialects are Ilocano, Ybanag, Ytawes and Malaueg. Generally warm, humid and sunny throughout the year but maybe rainy from June to Oct and dry from Nov to April. Average temp is 25 to 35 degree celcius.  

 Our Survivor Cagayan started from the City of Tuguegarao as our jump off point. From Manila take a Bus bound for Tuguegarao from Victory Kamais or Florida in Sampaloc Manila. The travel would take 12 hours during night time and even longer for sure even daytime. The road is under construction for most shoulders and another thing that would make trip longer are those trailer trucks travelling also mostly are in Nueva Ecija Area. From NLEX and SLEX – you will traverse Nueva Ecija province, Nueva Vizcaya, Isabela and finally the province of Cagayan. From Cagayan we had late breakfast near Victory Liner which we tried the famous Cabagan’s Pansit.  Try also their famous Buko Roll featured by Drew Arellano in “Biyahe  ni Drew”

Buko Roll of Tuguegarao
Bakeshop featured by Drew Arrelano
Cabagan’s Pansit
 We took trike going to another trike terminal that brought us to the municipality of Peñablanca going to the boat station that would cross us to river. The trike travel is about 45 minutes and it was very humid and warm, yes as if you are being grilled!! We registered at the tourism shed and finally boarded to boat. Lol the boat ride was just so so quick haha, from the other side of island someone will guide you inside the cave, or should I say a professional photographer! Yes Harvey is good at the angles and all colors to have a perfect shot inside the cave! You may check him via his mobile number 09265470955 – Harvey & Donnie.  

our tour guides Donnie & Harvey
steps going to cave gate
  Callao tourist zone: Famous for the seven chambered Callao Caves, tourist can also kayaking in the Class I – II rapids of picturesque Pinacanaunan River. There is also a chapel inside the cave that was built August 1972 and religious service is being held every first saturday of the month. This is the place where movie titled ” The Mistress ” was shoot. Get wet passing by boat through the Moronan. The 67,000 year old human bone extracted from Callao Cave by team of archeologist in 2007.  The bone predates the 47,000 year old Tabon Man that is previously known as the first human who have lived in the country. Now, this would make it the oldest human remains ever found in the Philippines.  

   We then head back to Tuguegarao and boarded a van that would bring us to Sta. Ana, Cagayan – and soon survivor Palaui would take place… Watch out for my Palaui blog!! 

How to get there:

By Air: You can take CebuPac and PALExpress with daily flights.

By Land: You can take bus Victory Liner in Kamias & Sampaloc Terminals, Florida in Sampaloc, Dalin Bus and Five Star.

You can go to other towns by public tranport using vans and buses.

If youre coming from Laoag there are also Vans and Buses enroute to Tuguegarao.

Bus Fare:  Regular Aircon – Php 650.00 

First Class Aircon with Toilet – Php 750.00

There is also Super Deluxe – 

Callao Expenses:

Trike from Tuguegarao to Penablanca Trike Terminal – 100 for 3 pax

Trike to Callao Cave 2 way : 560 for 6 pax

Entrance in Callao Cave : 20 each

Boat transfer two way : 20 each

Pansit Cabagan : 70 

Always bring plenty of water with you! Tuguegarao is the hottest place in PH as far as I know. I was seated at the back of driver during our trike ride and my feet is directly hitting by sun light and it was really hot, as if my toes are being grilled! Bring sarong or umbrella for sun protection. 


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