Mt. Maculot Rockies – awesome view deck of Taal Lake

This is my 7th climb on this mountain, it is one of my home mountains because this is a place we used to celebrate our Anniversary in UEM. A place of friendship, brotherhood, a place to a super fun and no lights off socials. 

 A place where I have given everything – I Mean all talents I have if any. I used to be one of the host of socials – a talent sometime and a responsible mountaineer.  

 Mt. Maculot is situated in Cuenca, Batangas with 947masl elevation. This is popular for day hikers because its has an easy trail and just two hours away from the busy place of Metro Manila. The trail is easy, it has like 7 buko stations along the trail which is good place to take rest and refreshen!   

Buko station woth Robbie
hikers descending from campsite
other side of rockies
 Since rainy season is comin,for the last time I badly needed a hike, since this was closed quite sometime due to pending case of Mr.Yson who died in Mt.Maculot I think a good time now to revisit and check if new policies are implemented. From the Highway we took the usual route going to jump off and paid registration fee and a mandatory guide fee of P400 for 5 pax. It alao differs according to destination and trip ( dayhike or overnight).

schedule of fees

few more steps before the campsite
 The trek last for 1.5hours with many stop overs and sometime traffic due to volume of hikers! We descend and challenge the group to take only 30min from Campsite to Jump off and yet I made it 18mins! Yes – I am challenging myself so I can join trail run soon! My friend Robie made it to 23mins and other at 38 minutes! Not bad!  

Cuenca side of Rockies
Taal Volcano View

Take bus from Buendia – Jam Liner bound for Lemery 

 Get off at Cuenca Public Market – there is signage Welcome to Cuenca and 7/11 at your left.

Take a trike to jump off and will drop you also in Registration Area

Going back to Manila – advisable to take a jeep bound to SM Lipa

From SM Lipa you can choose buses bound to LRT Buendia or Cubao


Bus fare LRT to Cuenca – 147

Trike – 20

Reg fee – 20

Guide – 400 for 5 pax

Ligo – 15

Jeep to SM Lipa – 25

BUs to LRT – 116

Go and hike! Live a life with adventures! Happy Reading!! 


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