Mt. Pico de Loro once again and again

This mountain is so memorable for me because this is a place where I got certification as member of UE Mountaineers. A place where I learned the spirit of team work, importance of trust and loyalty. 

This mountain is usually good for dayhiker, fun climb and if things went wrong in the city you can easily jumpt to this place and relax. Aside from being an easy trek you will also have the chance to enjoy the waterfalls and guava ( seasonal ) and of course the view at the peak.  

   My 7th climb is also memorable because I was with my sibs and the only time that had the courage to climb the monolith! Yep its not that easy – it takes bravery and need a professional guide and care. Safety is very important – one mistake can lead to injury.  

   The old trail has been closed as of this writing – it would take you 3 hours to summit. The newly opened trail is just an hour to peak.  


From coastal mall – take bus bound to Ternate Cavite. Ask conductor to drop you at trike station where they can take you directly to DENR Jump off or if you want to drop first at Market. The bus cost like P110 and trike would cost 75 per pax if I am not mistaken. There is also P 25 entrance is DENR. You can climb Mt. Pico for a budegt of P600.00 for group of 2 up.

Climb for life! Leave no Trace!


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